Gray Cliff Ventures

Why Gray Cliff?
Companies often feel like they are at the foot of a precipice, with prospective clients towering beyond their reach. Gray Cliff Ventures gets you to your goal by the best route, whether it’s airlifting you to the top or guiding you along a well-hidden trail.
What our clients and colleagues say:

“Gray Cliff has been able to provide me access to individuals and organizations that I could not have gotten to on my own.”

“Mike Lange is among the most professional consultants I have ever worked with.  He is always prepared with a solid game plan complete with the most up to date information to support a successful result.  Mike is very thorough, always prepared and his follow through is crisp and timely.  Our company has worked with Mike and Gray Cliff Ventures for two plus years in more than a dozen states and we would highly recommend him and his Company to anyone.”

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Gray Cliff Ventures on several projects.  I have found them to be prompt, professional and complete in the supply of good information - that's all we have to rely on.  I would highly recommend Gray Cliff to anyone.”

“Gray Cliff Ventures has provided me with an opportunity to help businesses reduce their costs by leveraging contacts I have made over the years.”

“I have found working with Gray Cliff Ventures and its clients to be very professional and in the vanguard with solutions to make the bottom line of their customers more profitable. Mike Lange knows the importance of relationship building and the opportunities it creates for successful financial performance.”

“Working with Gray Cliff Ventures is good for our business.  Mike Lange delivers project information on time and stays on top of the project without getting in the way.  You’d have to be nuts not to take a call from Mike!”

 “After seeing the way Gray Cliff uses its networks to reach the right person needed to get results, the traditional sales methods seem obsolete.”

Gray Cliff Ventures, LLC
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