Gray Cliff Ventures

How we do it
Getting the meetings you want.

We help grow your business with strategic introductions to prospective customers in both the private and public sectors.  We secure meetings using a deep network of entrepreneurial, well-connected professionals across the country including lawyers, government affairs consultants, public relations specialists, present and retired executives, and current and former politicians.

The services Gray Cliff Ventures provides are a powerful complement to your in-house sales teams and their contacts.  We work with companies at all stages, from start-ups to those with well-established track records.  Even our most successful clients invariably have areas they find difficult to penetrate or want to enter new markets where their contacts are limited.  In those situations, Gray Cliff Ventures and its network of colleagues can be deployed for special projects.

In the private sector, we’ve introduced clients to companies in a broad range of industries including airlines and aerospace, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, entertainment, grocery and retail, hospitals and health care, legal and other professional services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, technology, telecommunications and wholesale and distribution.  In the public sector, we have colleagues and contacts in all 50 states who can introduce clients to officials at all state, county and municipal levels.

As a client, you pre-approve all prospects and consultants before any outreach occurs.  For a list of recent successes, please see the Examples page entitled “Meetings.”

Supporting the entire sales process:

Gray Cliff Ventures does more than simply get you meetings.

Market intelligence: On the front end, we help identify and create opportunities for your business.  We use proprietary investigative tools and techniques employed by lawyers and private detectives to gather information that streamlines your outreach, including details about the prospect’s organization - corporate structure, internal systems and backgrounds on key-decision makers.  We help you craft outreach materials that succinctly and persuasively convey your value proposition.

Follow-up: Our support continues after the initial meeting.  Our colleagues solicit unbiased feedback from the people you’ve met and provide a critical second line of communication should your sales process stall.  We help our clients navigate all procurement processes - private and public - and give advice on the ethical and campaign contribution laws and regulations that may come into play.

Creating incentives for success:

We succeed when you do.  Our compensation is largely success-based; we do our best to keep up-front retainer amounts and project fees to a minimum.  Where not prohibited by law, a significant portion of our compensation comes from pre-negotiated percentages of the revenue resulting from our introductions, which gives everyone an incentive to succeed.

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