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How we differ
Businesses want to get the most out of their time and money. So we go straight to the top, introducing our clients to top-level government and business leaders who can get them the contract. In addition, we have created a fee structure that rewards results, while keeping up-front costs modest and predictable. Basically, we make money when our clients make money.
Other approaches have limitations

Traditional networking: With traditional networking methods, it can take your sales team years, and cost you lots of money, to develop the types of close personal and professional relationships that Gray Cliff Ventures and its colleagues bring to the table.  When you consider total employee compensation, benefits and other expenses, your cost of sales per year per sales professional can easily exceed $100,000 just to build relationships.

This doesn’t count all of the other money you need to spend on marketing activities including association memberships; costs for trade shows, meetings and other events; and advertising and public relations dollars.  And after making that investment, if your sales executives leave the company, your account control, pipeline and customer base are all in jeopardy.

By contrast, Gray Cliff Ventures and its colleagues give you a fast and cost-effective way to gain access to - and credibility with - key decision-makers.  You pay for relationships “a la carte.”  Moreover, our colleagues bring a level of closeness and influence that your internal sales team may never be able to duplicate, regardless of time and money.

Example: A client wanted to meet the head of a particular department at a Fortune 500 company.  Gray Cliff Ventures introduced the client to a consultant who had previously managed that same department.  The client’s effectiveness and credibility were increased by going in with someone that had not only “walked in the shoes” of the decision-maker but also helped to hire him.

Traditional cold-calling services: Uninspired - expensive - hit or miss.  Traditional cold-calling services have no prior relationship with decision-makers, so you’re on your own at the meetings.  Since success is measured by the number of completed calls and not the results of your meetings, those services don’t have any long-term, vested interest your business and its success.  And they can’t help if your sales process hits a roadblock.

Example: Gray Cliff Ventures recently scheduled a meeting for a client with executives at a large, Fortune 500 company.  The executives started the meeting by saying that the client was only invited in because the Gray Cliff Venture colleague had vouched for the client and that the client could never have “cold-called” its way into the meeting.

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